Update post!

Personal news, etc.

This is a quick update post because there’s a lot happening in my life that I’m really excited about, and which I think will only make this newsletter better.

This week I started a new role as Senior Communications Manager at Thirty Madison. I’m thrilled to be working with this company—it’s rare that I find a company that I get more excited about the deeper I dig, and that’s definitely been true the more I learn about Thirty Madison. My role is also cool—I’ll be helping with communications and editorial strategy; i.e., writing and speaking as much as possible, and generally helping to communicate what a cool company this is.

I’m also keeping my newsletter. This forum will—I hope—only improve as I continue to learn about the industry. I obviously won’t be writing about Thirty Madison, and all these thoughts are my own, done on my own time, without the input of my employer.

As part of this, I am moving to Brooklyn today. I’ve been in DC for four years, so it’ll be a big change. I’d love to hang out and get coffee if you’re nearby and vaccinated, and/or please respond to this email with any recommendations—I’m looking for new spots.

Finally, I’m writing up an exciting post for next week—tele-mental health feat. real world data about patient and provider preferences.

Stay tuned, and thank you so much for subscribing.