Jan 24, 2021Liked by Olivia Webb

It’s ultimately about supply. We should be making so much vaccine that it doesn’t matter that our delivery system is terrible. The next fiasco shaping up in the delivery system that I keep hearing about is the need to slice our vaccine supply into a million little pieces so everyone who hangs a shingle “gets a chance” to vaccinate someone. Already this is leading to supply running out in some places while many other places sit on unused inventory.

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I agree re: supply, my hope is that the Biden admin leverages the Defense Production Act + other (single-dose) vaccines get FDA-approved soon. But I disagree about your second point—expanding the number of potential providers may be more logistically challenging, but it creates a more resilient system that can reach more (potentially disadvantaged) communities. I think there should be vaccines available at every qualified place that hangs a shingle.

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